• Wall mount air purification system

    The Greentech Clean Air Ecosystem

    Our multi-pronged approach to purification technology combines nature-inspired photocatalytic technology and ionization for the most effective particle and pathogen reduction.

  • Greentech Air Purifiers

    Active Grow Room Air Purification & Sanitization

    Creating and distributing active oxidation products (AOPs) and bi-polar ionization throughout the grow room in order to reduce cross contamination, breakdown VOCs, and reduce odours in the air.

  • HVAC Air Purification System

    Active Radiant Catalysis. Cleansing power that shines.

    Similar to sunshine, our unique photocatalytic oxidation process uses UV light to turn moisture into molecules that seek and deactivate pathogens and pollutants.

We bring outdoor air purification processes indoors with a powerful combination of technologies.

Indoor Air Purification


Diminishes Airborne Pollutants

Airborne Pollutants

Eliminates Indoor Odours

Indoor Odors

Greentechs Air Purification Technology

Active & Passive
Air Purification

ARC Technology

Active air purification helps sanitize your indoor environment, disinfecting the air and surfaces where you live, work, and play.

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Active Air Purification

Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC®), reduces odors caused by bacteria and more. Featuring the same purification technology
developed and used by NASA, our residential
actively purify a range of indoor spaces to continuously
clean the air.

Our Technology, How Our Air Purifiers Work...

Commercial Air Purifying

Our commercial air purifier product line has solutions for your office spaces, schools, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and more.


pureAir HVAC

Using existing ductwork, we can custom engineer purification solutions for spaces of all shapes and sizes. The products we manufacture are low maintenance, consume minimal energy, and are cost effective relative to other available purification technologies.



How pureAir HVAC works

Play the video below to learn how pureAir HVAC works for Actively Purifying Air for Air Ducts.

We are excited to work alongside other industry professionals in an effort to create healthier indoor environments for all to enjoy.

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