Brand Ambassador Program

Brand Ambassador Program

Dear Brand Ambassador:

Thank you for being part of our pilot program! We are excited to have you on the team. As one of the first to join us, in addition to our undying gratitude we are happy to offer you:


  •     Exclusive access to new products and technologies

  •     Annual birthday presents

  •     Free shipping for life

As we continue to grow and expand this program, you can expect to earn even more benefits from us. 

For your part, it is our hope that you please adhere to these simple guidelines:

Be Honest:

We ask that you provide your honest feedback about the GreenTech Environmental products you have personally experienced, including your pureAir SOLO. Your feedback will help others understand what these products are capable of and how they can best be used to make their spaces cleaner and their lives healthier.

Tell Everyone:

Don’t be shy! In addition to reviews, please share your stories, selfies and photos of you using our products. Selfies out-and-about with pureAir SOLO could be very fun and active! Share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon, LinkedIn, Instagram, or anywhere else you happen to be. Your personal stories will help others feel connected to our technologies and see how they can be used to improve their lives too! Feel free to associate a trending #hashtag of your choice, or use one of our favorites, #airofconfidence.

Stay Connected:

We hope that you will find yourself as passionate about these unique healthy-lifestyle technologies as we are. As you use our products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions about your experience, new ideas, or ways we can improve.

Call us at 800.957.1136 or drop us a note on our contact us page. We would love to hear from you!

As an added bonus, please use your unique free shipping code with friends and family, or anyone you meet that you think could use a little GreenTech in their lives!

Together, we can get the word out quickly and help others improve the spaces where they live, work and play!