About GreenTech Environmental USA


Founded in 2009 in Johnson City, Tennessee, GreenTech Environmental is a leader in air purification systems. GreenTech’s technologies are available for residential applications with portable and personal systems available and commercial applications with HVAC, PTAC, and wall-mount systems for use in office buildings, hotels, indoor stadiums and more. GreenTech Environmental is best known for its proprietary and multi-pronged air purification technology, Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC®) which continuously and actively purifies the air and surfaces in thousands of homes and commercial buildings in the United States and Canada. In addition to our air purification systems, we offer products to improve air circulation, heating, power management, and laundry efficiency. Technologies in harmony with Nature.




Allen Johnston, Founder

Meet Our Founder and CEO - Allen Johnston
Allen Johnston founded GreenTech Environmental with a personal commitment to creating environmentally friendly products that improve health and quality of life. He began a successful career at Hughes Aircraft and then moved to Raytheon Missile Systems, serving as Test Program Manager for the next-generation anti-ballistic missile defense system for the United States. Today, Allen uses his talents to realize his vision of improving indoor air quality around the world.



2009 - GreenTech is Founded
GreenTech is a personal mission for Allen, because his mother suffered the effects of environmental illnesses. In April of 2009, GreenTech launched with purePower, a whole home energy management and protection solution.

2010 through 2014 - More Products and Capabilities
In March of 2010, GreenTech’s first air purifier, the GT3000, was born. This was also the first international sale, as later that same month a GT3000 was shipped to the Ukraine. Using the same active air technology developed and used by NASA, the GT3000 (now the pureAir 3000) continuously cleans and purifies the air and surfaces in up to 3000 square feet of space. By the end of 2010 new product lines pureHeat and pureWash were launched.


2015 through 2018 - More Products and Capabilities
Following the success of the first air purifiers, purification for small spaces was created, including the refrigerator and your gym bag! In 2015 the company added an in-house retail team. Products can now be found in big-box and specialty retail. In 2017, GreenTech opened up the brand to e-commerce distribution and launched their website.

2019 - A Decade of Growth
After 10 successful years of product launches and sales growth, GreenTech Environmental operates its World Headquarters in East Tennessee, as well as global satellite offices. Today, the company offers more than 50 diverse products and distributes them to over 20 countries worldwide, helping millions of people affected by environmental issues live healthier and feel better.

2020 and Beyond - Creating a Clean World
What began as a focus on the air we breathe at home has become a broad range of high-quality products each addressing unique human needs to help people live happier, healthier lives.
As GreenTech Environmental moves forward, you can expect to see more products that continue the legacy of creating a clean world for every family and every home.