PortOzone 20G: Portable Ozone Generation



The PortOzone 20G portable ozone generation device is an advanced and convenient contaminant remediation product. PortOzone 20G features high-powered oxidation in a compact, lightweight, rugged, and simple design. Utilizing controlled high-voltage discharge ozone technology developed specifically to reduce odors and smoke in unoccupied spaces, PortOzone 20G is ideal for the treatment of a wide variety of issues.

PortOzone 20G covers spaces up to 48,000 square feet, so the applications are endless!

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    • Corona Discharge Ozone Technology

    • Powerful Remediation Capability

    • Reduces odors in the air & embedded in upholstery from sources such as food, pets, mold, and smoke

    • Compact & Lightweight for Exceptional Portability

    • Rugged Stainless Steel Case for Everyday Use

    • Self-Cleaning Components for Low Maintenance

    • Scaleable Purification

    • 1- to 9-Hour Timer

    • Remote Control



    • Pet Stores & Kennels*

    • Automobiles & Boats*

    • Freshly Painted Rooms*

    • Newly Vacated Real Estate*

* Unoccupied by Humans and Pets

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